Do you realize that every time you read a book without pictures you become a production designer, casting director, and costume designer? Hell, you can be a director if you want to. Whether you know it or not, when you read a book without pictures, your brain fills in the blank spots. You can see the people, how they are dressed, which way they are moving, and what it looks like around them. Neat, huh?... (read more: click \'Introduction\' on menu above)

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Under the Rainbow

Posted by admin On July - 28 - 2009


The little people did leave me with many memories. To put it mildly, I ain’t a big guy, but they made me feel like one. One morning we were preparing to shoot. It was very foggy, and the little people had on their Munchkin costumes. All those bright colors and ruffles, and those high voices made them seem like a garden of human flowers. There I was, standing in the middle of them. They were moving about and talking, and I was towering over them. I really did feel like John Wayne in a garden.