Do you realize that every time you read a book without pictures you become a production designer, casting director, and costume designer? Hell, you can be a director if you want to. Whether you know it or not, when you read a book without pictures, your brain fills in the blank spots. You can see the people, how they are dressed, which way they are moving, and what it looks like around them. Neat, huh?... (read more: click \'Introduction\' on menu above)

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The Day After

Posted by admin On July - 28 - 2009


Late one sunny Kansas morning I was standing in a field of wildflowers in an area down by the Kansas River the runs through Lawrence. A great arched bridge was in the top of my frame, and I was sketching a set I was planning to put there. It was listed in the script as a tent city, but my sketch was turning into much more. Before my eyes a field of wildflowers was becoming a smoke-and-debris-choked gathering place for a number of victims who were unlucky enough not to have been blown to bits in the blasts. Dying people with haunted eyes were burying the dead with vacant eyes in a common grave. A mother sat under a tin roofed lean-to holding her dead baby. In that field of wildflowers there was no green, the dirt was black, and every natural or man-made thing on the dirt was black. I finished the sketch and walked off the field. I was afraid to turn around for fear the wildflowers would be gone….

…That set got built just as my sketch showed. The day we began shooting the scene, I walked up onto the bridge to get a bird’s-eye view. There was an ancient Asian lady standing there quietly. As I walked up to the rail next to her I noticed that she was crying. She felt my gaze and looked over to me. All she said was, “I was there.” It was a strange compliment, but I will always think of it that way.