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Barbarossa and the Towers of Italy

Posted by admin On November - 20 - 2009

The Mysteries of Italy’s Ancient Torries are Revealed in “Barbarossa and the Towers of Italy”

nuovo_2webThis film is the story of the thousands of torries built along the coast of Italy, each one in view of the other, to protect the villages from invasion of armies and marauding pirates roaming the Mediterranean Sea.

These watchtowers are situated in some of the most beautiful and spectacular places on the planet, and have survived attacks by man and nature for thousands of years.

The film takes the viewer over centuries of time through the eyes of the Vigili of the towers and the ferocious line of “Saracen Pirates.”

Re-enactments of the life of the Vigili in the Torres and pirate attacks are based on historical accounts.

Many of the locations with the most dramatic and beautiful surroundings and the most interesting Torre history are featured.

Until now, the fascinating and exciting story of the Torres had never been told and was unknown to the world!

ts_liff_web_l selectionToledoselectionIspani
“Barbarossa and the Towers of Italy”
Screening in the Levante International Film Festival
Friday November 13, 2009
Bari – Apulia, Italy

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